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Our vision

We are driven by the belief that technological advancements should be within reach for all.

Our journey began over a decade ago as pioneers in commercial drone technology, driven by the belief that faster, easier, and higher-resolution data would revolutionize decision-making across industries. Through our experience and a successful exit, we gained a deep understanding of enterprise challenges and built Cloneable to revolutionize intelligent data capture.

We harness the power of deep tech capabilities like AI, machine learning, and computer vision to transform how companies manage and optimize their assets globally. Additionally, we see a world where any device: ground robots, drones, and IoT devices will be smart enough to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in the field, making previously challenging tasks easier and safer.

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Our values

Disrupt yourself.

We relentlessly pursue growth and innovation, challenging the status quo and exploring new possibilities to stay ahead of the curve.

No ego.

We foster a culture of honesty, respect, and integrity, where open communication and empathy create a cohesive team based on trust and camaraderie.

Intentionally embrace hard things.

We actively seek discomfort, pushing boundaries and encouraging personal and professional excellence to fuel our collective growth and achievements.

Excellence is a habit.

We deliver exceptional outcomes, exceeding customer expectations through continuous improvement.

Reward the product not the process.

We value results, fostering a culture of out-of-the-box thinking and unconventional approaches.

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Looking to the future

We make expert decision-making scalable.

Our next frontier is autonomous tools, transforming field devices into intelligent experts. Through the Cloneable Platform, security cameras, robots, drones, IoT devices, cars, and satellites can perform smart work with unprecedented accuracy and scale. By combining AI models with real-time data analysis, enterprise field processes become more remote, contactless, and intelligent to meet customer needs effectively.