Intelligent Applications for Public Utilities

Optimize the efficiency of field activities with the power of automation

Meet Our Suite of Energy Apps

Our energy templates support field activities in connected or disconnected environments.

Tailor a template in minutes to match your specific business process or logic. Deploy instantly to any iOS-based data collection device. Layer on AI, LiDAR, GIS and other tools to future-proof your asset management strategy. 

With more immediate, accurate insights, you can
  • Plan modernization and expansion efforts
  • Proactive grid management
  • Predictive maintenance while improving technician safety

Inventory Management

Never be caught off guard.

Maintain optimal inventory levels with advanced comparison tools. Track and manage everything from small components to large equipment in real-time, scan assets using ground or aerial machines and use AI to instantly catalog and categorize based on your business rules. Cloneable integrates seamlessly with existing systems, leaving you to focus on what matters most – uninterrupted service and fast repairs.


  • Track- Collect and store asset with GIS data, photos/video to create auditable logs.
  • Analyze- AI-powered analysis detects equipment on assets mapped to pole ID.
  • Report- Highlight any inconsistencies and field notes—a valuable resource for decision makers.

Condition Assessment

Stay ahead of the curve.

Minimize outage impacts and environmental risks with rapid, AI-powered damage assessment. Improve the manual inspection process. This application automatically detects damage classification from ground or aerial data, targeting critical metrics and significantly reducing human review burden.


  • Identify- Auto detect defects like broken or leaning poles, sagging and downed conductors, damaged equipment etc.
  • Categorize- Leverage business rules, like thresholds of severity, to automatically categorize assets.
  • Act- Based on condition, notify relevant parties or create a work order to mobilize repair and maintenance resources.

Construction Verification

Build it right, the first time.

Compare as-designed models with field reality in real-time, using your mobile device. Instantly spot discrepancies between designed and final specs of utility poles and installations. Capture field notes, generate reports, and trigger automatic reviews based on your own business rules. This is your secret weapon for efficient planning, construction, and operation.


  • LiDAR Measurements- Verify 3D measurements directly on device like guy wire lead length and attachment height.
  • AI Object Detection- Compare field photos to the uploaded as-designed file to validate pole configuration, equipment inventory and materials used.
  • OCR- extract text, numbers and barcodes from pole ID plates or other measuring tools to digitize, structure and associate all relevant information.

Vegetation Management

Accurate measurements, every time.

Manual and inconsistent tree measurements are slowing down your operations and lack auditability. By working with some of the leading field services companies, Cloneable saw an opportunity to automate and digitize tree pruning, removals, right-of-way clearing right in the field.


  • LiDAR to automatically capture accurate and auditable tree measurements.
  • Achieve DBH tree measurements with less than 1-inch variance compared to manual methods.
  • Generate instant PDF reports for each tree, ensuring data traceability.

Need to make a change?

It’s as easy as drag, drop, deploy.

The ease of use and seamless integration allowed me to effortlessly replicate and scale my project. Not only did they provide an exceptional product, but their customer support was impeccable, guiding me through every step of the process. Thanks to Cloneable Service, I’ve streamlined my operations and achieved remarkable efficiency
- Client Testimonial
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What devices do you work with?

Today Cloneable workflows can be deployed across iOS devices. We suggest using iPhone 13 Pro models, and up, iPad pros for best results.

By the end of this year, users will be able to deploy their workflows to a number of supported edge devices that run Linux enabling applications to run at the edge. In addition to running on edge devices, your applications will be able to run in the cloud.

If you have a specific need or question, shoot us a note at

Can I bring my own storage?

We allow complete flexibility by offering ‘bring your own cloud storage. (AWS S3, Cloudflare R2, (soon, Azure, GCP).

What data types do you support for import/export?

Import existing data by uploading a CSV and export data from Cloneable in an easy-to-use JSON format. Design data schemas that will be used by your applications: we currently support numerous standard and advanced data types such as: Text, Numbers, True/False, Status, Unique ID, Color, Location, Files, BoundingBoxes and more.

Can I add custom code if I need to?

Yes, while our platform in mostly no-code, we want to encourage innovation and provide channels for further specificity, so we have low-code components that can be written/customized in JavaScript to meet specific requirements.

Soon we will support using AI to describe the functionality that you need so AI can write the code for you in our low-code components. We see this as an exciting opportunity to incorporate generative AI as we advance the platform so non-technical users can build components that fit a business process without coding knowledge.  

How do I use my AI models in Cloneable?

There are many companies out there developing and training models. We do not train models within our platform, but we make it extremely easy to upload your models into our system and wrap them into a component through APIs.

Today we work with leading providers like Roboflow and Ultralytics (YOLO v8).

• YoloV8 Object Detection.
• Roboflow API integration allows you to tag and train your model within their platform, and then automatically import the model into our application builder with your Roboflow API key.

Models are changing and being created rapidly; this approach allows any user to remove and swap models when the latest and greatest becomes available without compromising existing workflows.  If you need support in model development or training, shoot us a note at

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Start building intelligent apps with Cloneable.

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