Building a Field-Powered Future

The world is buzzing with the transformative power of technology. From self-driving cars weaving through cityscapes to smart sensors optimizing factories, the boundaries of what's possible are rapidly shifting.

At Cloneable, we're proud to be at the leading edge of this revolution, driving the democratization of edge AI and its practical application in diverse industries.

2023 wasn't just about building software; it was about building bridges. We embarked on a mission to empower anyone, regardless of technical background, with the tools to apply AI to their business challenges. In our past lives, we witnessed some of the most innovative teams facing the crippling barriers of cost, time, and technical complexity associated with deep tech integration. This limited both the scale of AI adoption and the ability to translate insights into tangible value.

From agriculture to solar, from manufacturing to energy, this year was a journey of exploration and unlock. We witnessed real-world applications that ignited creativity and showcased the potential of Cloneable's no-code platform:

  • Data science teams streamlined model development, deployment, and testing to optimize crop yields.
  • Environmental engineers automated data collection for accurate and auditable carbon measurement.
  • Logistics teams digitized paper processes, replacing barcodes with automated extraction, eliminating manual data entry.

All this, without writing a single line of code.

2023 tested our team in the best way possible. We built and iterated on our platform MVP, secured strategic investments and technology partnerships, and honed our go-to-market strategy to focus on the most promising industries and applications. Here are our key takeaways from this pivotal year:

Takeaway 1: Democratizing Deep Tech is Our Mission

The ivory tower of complex AI development used to be accessible only to a select few. We're breaking down those barriers. Cloneable's no-code platform translates the intricate complexities of AI into a language anyone can understand. We put the power of edge intelligence in the hands of farmers analyzing soil quality, manufacturers predicting machine failures, and energy linemen optimizing grid efficiency. It's not just about tech anymore; it's about empowering everyone to transform processes and generate actionable insights.

Takeaway 2: Empowering the Edge is Our Focus

The edge, where the physical and digital worlds collide, is where the magic happens. To truly democratize edge AI, we knew we needed to empower the devices themselves. That's why Cloneable is lightweight and efficient, seamlessly running on even the most resource-constrained devices. Imagine edge IoT sensors monitoring wind turbine health in remote locations, or customized "drone in a box" missions autonomously surveying assets. This is the unleashed potential of edge intelligence, and Cloneable is paving the way.

Takeaway 3: Building for the Real World is Our Passion

Just as robotic process automation revolutionized office routines, Cloneable is revolutionizing business processes and digital transformation in the field (field process automation or FPA!). We understand the universal challenges and costs associated with deep tech integrations, and we saw firsthand the need for a tool that bridges the gap between its power and the specific needs of businesses managing field assets. This gap remains unaddressed. We're passionate about building tools that solve these real-world challenges, leveraging advancements like large language models, to automate field processes at the edge. Take a look at our latest platform update below: wrapping a LLM into a Cloneable component to run in any edge workflow. See a full demo here.

2023 wasn't just about numbers on a spreadsheet; it was the first chapter of a story we believe will lead to optimized operations and a world where AI touches every device. As we look ahead, we'll continue to democratize deep tech, expand our repertoire of AI tools, and empower the edge like never before. Because we believe the field will power the future.  

Happy New Year!

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